Background & Staff

The Agency, a registered charity, was established in February 1999 as South Ayrshire Energy Agency. It began as an innovative project using a combination of European Union and Local Authority funding.

Our Management Board, which comprises 10 directors of regional and local groups, is responsible for all reporting and decision-making. We have also established a trading company to operate interest-free loans and grant schemes.

The Energy Agency mainly operates in the four local authority areas of South Ayrshire, East Ayrshire, North Ayrshire and Dumfries & Galloway.  The organisation has become highly specialised at education work in schools, consultancy work, working closely with community groups and the delivery of projects to install energy efficiency and renewable energy measures across Scotland.

The Agency has won a number of international and national awards for its successful projects in assisting householders and communities to be more energy efficient.  These include: National Home Improvement Council Award, National Energy Efficiency Award, International Ashden Award, European Commission ManagEnergy Local Energy Action Award, powerPerfector Award, EnergySavers Award and finalists for the Herald Society Awards. In March 2017 Energy Agency in partnership with South and East Ayrshire Council, Dumfries & Galloway Council and NHS Ayrshire & Arran won the Best in Scotland category for Large Scale Project of the Year at the Energy Efficiency and Healthy Homes Awards.


The Energy Agency employs 34 full-time staff and 1 Renewables Consultant who provide a dedicated service to households, communities and businesses. There is a wide range of experience and expertise in the office, allowing us to offer general advice and technical expertise, as well as project procurement and management.


Each year we have two Interns from Kassel, Germany that work with us for four weeks to gain work and life experience. This year Johanna Haase, a  Public Administration student joined us. To read about her time here click here


Liz Marquis Director
Alan McGonigle Depute Director
Joe Fergusson Renewables Consultant
Anne McGonigle Communications Officer
Stephen Brindley Education Coordinator
Anne Harrison Administration Assistant
Sandie Ross ABS Project Coordinator
Andrew Filby ABS Project Coordinator
Ruth Sutherland ABS Project Coordinator
Voirrey Johnston Project Officer
Brendan McCann  Project Officer
  Project Officer
Craig Arthur Quality Inspection Officer
Cassandra Dove ABS Research Officer
Simon Leslie Centre Manager
Iain McCulloch Operations Manager
Andrea Gardner Promotions Manager
Julia McPartland Advice Team Leader
Kevin McFadzean Household Renewables Advisor
Diarmid Turnbull Senior Energy Advisor
Mairi Ainsworth Energy Advisor
Lucy Murphy Energy Advisor
Alan Thomas Energy Advisor
Lucy Carroll Energy Advisor
April Kilday Energy Advisor
Fiona Goodwin Community Liaison Officer
Suzanne Hainey  Community Liaison Officer - on maternity leave
Quentin Palmer Household Renewables Advisor
Emma McCarron Household Renewables Advisor - on maternity leave
Connor Heath Household Renewables Advisor
Madeline Crawford CARES Development Officer
Abbe Cusack Business Implementation Advisor
Laura Anderson Transport Advisor