Area Based Schemes

Since 2007, a new approach to creating warmer, more fuel efficient and sustainable communities was developed the Energy Agency through its Community Energy Programmes. By combining funding streams, the Energy Agency was able to offer all households, in a selected geographical community, an energy efficiency solution to their household along with appropriate energy advice, regardless of house type and ownership. 

Working in partnership with the Councils and other organisations, the same holistic model isbeing applied in rural and urban communities throughout our area. All available funding sources are combined such as government initiatives and utility funding to obtain maximum benefit.  For some projects, where full funding is not available, households are invited to make a small contribution.  This is an extremely successful way to achieve carbon reductions and promote sustainability in local communities.

This model has won the Energy Savers Award from Energy Action Scotland 2007, the National Energy Efficiency Awards 2007, an International Ashden Award 2008, the European Commission ManagEnergy Local Energy Action Award 2010, the powerPerfector Energy Award 2012.

The Energy Agency currently manages the Councils’ Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland - Area Based Schemes (HEEPS:ABS) on behalf of East Ayrshire, South Ayrshire, and Dumfries and Galloway. This work in Area Based Schemes was successful in receiving Runner-Up for the category “Energy Efficiency in Local Communities” in the National Home Insulation Council Awards 2015, finalists for “Environmental Initiative of the Year” in the Herald Society Awards 2015 and won the Best in Scotland category for Large Scale Project of the Year at the Energy Efficiency and Healthy Homes Awards 2017.