Business Transport

Transport Review

A free sustainable transport review service is available to help organisations become more efficient with their transport and travel arrangements. By becoming more efficient you are likely to save money as well as cutting your carbon emissions. To find out more contact your local Transport Advisor, Laura Anderson on 01292 525506/0808 808 2282 or look on the transport section of  Energy Saving Trust website

Switched On @ Work

Switched on @ work supports organisations in helping their employees identify the benefits of switching to ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs). ULEVs range from pure electric, plug-in hybrids and extended range electric vehicles. To read more visit the Energy Saving Trust website.  

Subsidised Fuel Good Driver Training

Fuel Good training sessions are available to help train your drivers be more fuel efficient. This involves a 50 minute session with a qualified instructor who will give you tips on ways to cut fuel and adapt your technique.  For more information call freephone (including mobiles)  0800 0931 669 or visit the Energy Saving Trust website.

Does your organisation use electric vehicles?

If so, fuel good driver training is also available in 2-hour, one-to-one driving sessions.  Results show that drivers trained achieve up to 20 per cent increase in range during the training. 

Electric Vehicles 

Free advice is available as to which EV suits your organisations needs. It's also worth finding out the financial benefits to changing to EV vehicles. Contact your local Transport Advisor or click here to read more.

Charging Points

If an organisation decides to make the change to electric vehicles, it's worth thinking about installing a charging point. Funding may be available, contact your local Transport Advisor.

Charging points are available all over the UK and these will fully charge most EVs within 4 - 8 hours, rapid chargers even quicker. Click here to see a map of charge points, detailing their location, type, status and live availability, provided by Charge Your Car.

Low Carbon Transport Loans

Interest free loans of up to £100,000 are available to Scottish businesses to help lower their transport and travel costs.  Loans are funded by Transport Scotland (an agency of Scottish Government) and have a repayment term of up to 6 years. 

Loans can be used for a wide range of measures:

•Plug-in electric cars and vans (up to £35,000 for each Electric Vehicle purchased) 
•Vehicle efficiency devices such as telematics systems 
•Video and tele conferencing facilities 
•Cycle facilities 

To be eligible for a loan, the measure must be recommended in a Sustainable Transport Review. For more details click here

FuelGood, the free mobile phone app

Energy Saving Trust has launched FuelGood, a mobile phone app to help you monitor fuel efficiency for each car journey you wish to track. The app is free to download from the App Store for iPhone users and Google Play for Android. Using GPS, it measures details of your journey and gives feedback on how fuel efficient you are! There are also links to Fuel Efficient Driving tips to help you save money behind the wheel and reduce your average carbon emissions at the same time.

Click here to download