Calendar Competition 2020

The Energy Agency calendar competition is taking a new direction this year.

Being stuck inside at home during lockdown, has made us all appreciate the wonderful outdoors in Scotland!  The good news is that around the world we are seeing environmental benefits of lockdown. Carbon dioxide levels have fallen, our air is cleaner due to lack of rush hour commuters and transport in general.  It’s quieter too, so we can hear more nature particularly chirping birds!

All these things are great and now we need to keep on being kinder to our planet!

We are encouraging all Primary School learners in Ayrshire and Dumfries & Galloway to take part.  You need to hand draw and colour a picture as part of your home learning, which will encourage others to help look after our planet by saving energy and resources.  The winning designs will feature in our Lockdown Calendar for 2021.

There are 5 different topics that you can choose from, so pick one and get drawing!

Heating / gas– What can people do to use less of these?

Electricity – How can we encourage people to waste less electricity?

Water – How can we use less water, and save more?

Waste – What can we do to recycle more of our waste?

Transport – How can we travel so that we produce less dangerous gases?

** The competition is now closed and winning entries will soon be announced.