Calendar Competition 2021

This year's calendar competition has now opened for Primary Schools in South Ayrshire.  

There are 5 different topics to choose from, so pick one and get drawing!

  1. Heating / gas – What can people do to use less of these?

  2. Electricity – How can we encourage people to use less and stop wasting electricity?

  3. Water – How can we help people to use less water?

  4. Waste – What can we do to use less plastic and recycle more of our waste?

  5. Transport – How can we travel so that we produce less greenhouse gases?

Competition rules

  • All entries must be A4 size and landscape.
  • The competition is open to all primary years in South Ayrshire schools.
  • Pictures must not use any computer-aided design elements.
  • Pictures must be the original artwork of the learner.
  • Entrants must attend a place of learning within South Ayrshire Council.
  • Keep the original artwork safe – we will need the winning designs to make the calendar.
  • The judges’ decision is final.
  • Artwork may be used in an awareness raising campaign.
  • Closing date 29th October 2021.