Low cost measures

There are lots of things you can do at home to save energy that won’t break the bank. 

Not only will you save money but you’ll be reducing your home’s carbon dioxide emissions and helping to fight climate change.

Replace your light bulbs with LED bulbs and save £35 per year

Fit a water efficient shower head and save around £45 a year

Install a chimney draught excluder and save around £15 per year

Reflective radiator panels are cheap to buy, easy to install and trap heat that would otherwise drift through the wall, reflecting it inwards where you want it. These panels slot neatly behind your radiator wall panels, and are fixed into place on the wall. You can cut them to fit perfectly behind each radiator and, at £20 for approximately 10 reflective panels, you should start saving money immediately.  If your budget doesn't stretch to these panels you can try using ordinary kitchen foil.