Solid Wall Insulation Case Studies

External Wall Insulation Case Study 1

Mr & Mrs C recently had external wall insulation (EWI) installed in their 1920’s semi-detached bungalow in rural East Ayrshire.  Having seen other houses nearby with EWI installed, they were keen to have it done themselves so were pleased to receive a letter from the Energy Agency with the offer.  They immediately gave them a call and started the process of applying. 

Keen to cut their energy bills, Mr & Mrs C had already upgraded their heating system and installed double glazing. Insulation was another option but EWI would not have been affordable without the assistance of the Area Based Scheme.

Thanks to the fine September weather the installation took only 3 days.  The first day involved preparation, the second day attaching the boards and the final day was rough casting and rendering.  Mr & Mrs C were very pleased with the short time taken by the contractors to do the job and commented “The boys were marvellous; you wouldn’t have known they were there”. 

One full winter has passed since the EWI was installed and Mr & Mrs C have noticed a reduction in the length of time their heating is on as well as an improvement in how long the house retains the heat.  

Their annual fuel savings total £216. Gas usage has reduced by approximately 27% and saved £132 in the first year and electricity a 28% reduction and saved £84. A possible contributing factor for electricity may be due to an electric blanket no longer being required. 

Another huge positive improvement is the removal of dampness from the main bedroom since the insulation has been installed. 

Mr & Mrs C said “Before the insulation we had to keep the heating on longer and set higher,  then the heat vanished as soon as you turned the heating off. Now we can turn the heating off much earlier and the house is still warm at bed time”.

Overall Mr & Mrs C are delighted with the improvements the external wall insulation has made. It has reduced their fuel bills, made their home more comfortable and improved the look of their house as well as the neighbourhood. They added “It’s made it a new house. Even passers-by that don’t even live in these types of houses are stopping to remark about how well the house looks”

External Wall Insulation Case Study 2

After seeing nearby neighbours having external wall insulation done, it prompted Mr W to follow in their footsteps.  Having recently read a local newspaper article in which the Energy Agency was promoting the benefits of insulation he decided to give them a call.

Being a builder all his working life, Mr W knew the advantages of having his home fully insulated. He lives in a 1940’s 3 bedroom detached bungalow and had previously had the loft and external doors insulated but knew that still around 45% of the total heat loss of his house was being lost through the walls. He therefore welcomed the opportunity of having external wall insulation installed, particularly with the assistance of a Scottish Government grant.

External wall insulation has a number of benefits including increased comfort levels, lower fuel bills, improved appearance and helping the environment by reducing CO2 levels.  Typical savings for a gas heated, semi-detached home is approximately £490 per year. *  Mr W said “I’ve noticed a real difference in how much quicker the house heats up and when I turn the heating off, the house remains warmer for so much longer than it used to”.

The complete installation took approximately 3 weeks to do, partly delayed by the wet Scottish weather. Disruption was minimum, a little noisy but no disturbance to the inside of the house or need for redecoration inside. Mr W said of the installers “they were very polite and got on with the job. I would certainly recommend external wall insulation to others and encourage them to take up the offer of a grant”.

*figure quoted by Energy Saving Trust