Working with Councils

The Energy Agency works in partnership with the four local authorities in South West Scotland and with a range of voluntary sector partners across the area. 

Working in partnership with local authorities has always been an important part of the Energy Agency since the organisation was first established.  There are many areas of common interest regarding energy, climate change, fuel poverty, health and social services.  The Agency works closely with relevant Council departments and seeks to ensure that the most effective service can be provided to those in need.  These services can be found under Local Authority Activities and Current Programmes.

The Agency also works closely with voluntary, community and not-for-profit organisations.  Examples of such activities include: 

  • Advising Housing Associations on energy efficiency methods and funding opportunities
  • Working with local communities on town/village wide insulation campaigns 
  • Encouraging ‘eco-village’ and related developments 
  • Promoting Community Action For Energy training programmes for local organisations 

Detailed information on these and other initiatives are available from the Energy Agency by calling 01292 521896