Energy Agency celebrates it's 20 year anniversary


We are proud to be celebrating 20 years of Energy Agency activities. Here are just a few examples of our highlights:-

We started in 1999 with 3 members of staff – 2 of which are still working here. - We expanded in 2008 to 24 and we now have 35 members of staff.

We have always been forward thinking and came up with projects before they became mainstream. For example -
  • As early as 1999 we developed and delivered training on solar water heating to installers and developed the first grant schemes for condensing boilers.
  • In 1999 we undertook an Energy Planning Study for South Ayrshire to advise future shape of policy for the council
  • In 2000 we set up our own trading company Warm Homes to administer grants and loans
  • We provided almost 1300 grants for condensing boilers before they became mandatory in 2007             
  • In 2002 we developed a volunteer project training members of the public to conduct energy efficiency home visits to vulnerable people.
  • We were the first centre to provide renewable energy advice to householders and businesses.
  • With only 10 members of staff up to 2008, we arranged almost 6,000 loft and cavity wall installations through various funding streams.
  • We developed and managed one of the first community energy projects, Hadyard Hill, which was the first of its kind to use wind farm money for energy efficiency projects. This was the first scheme to take an area based approach and helped inform Scottish Government who adopted this approach for future programmes. This was the first project to offer income maximisation and the annual average income was increased by £4,700.
We were the lead partner with European Agencies back in 1999 with German and Finnish partners and still have connections with Germany today.  German interns have worked with us since 2011.

Over 7500 people have attended 9 Renewable/Home Energy Fairs since 2005

Around 65,000 pupils have had energy lessons since the year 2000. Some of the first pupils to receive a lesson are now age 31.

We are the first organisation to carry out technical and health monitoring of our installations. The success of this has resulted in Scottish Government requiring all local authorities in Scotland to carry out technical monitoring.

In the space of 6 years from 2013-2019, we have installed more than 6,500 External Wall Insulation systems. There were close to nil installs prior to this date.

Since 2004 we have won 12 national and international awards and been commended or runner-up for 7 awards.

We have celebrated our anniversary by unveiling a new brand identity which will continue to represent innovation, quality and customer care for the next 40 years.